Herald Services Trace

Need to find someone? Herald Services have an excellent track record in tracing people

No Trace No Fee

We can offer 'No Trace No Fee' based on the information provided to us. We have an incredibly high positive trace success rate and an incredibly fast turnaround.

Pre-Sue Lifestyle Reports

Once we trace a debtor the extended enquiries we undertake allow us to produce invaluable reports that are designed to allow a client to make an informed decision regarding the prospect of recovery and whether to pursue legal action.

Our reports include comprehensive meticulous internet and social media research and concentrate on providing an accurate indication of lifestyle, employment and wealth.  

We provide company reports, land registry searches and adverse credit information within our reports for a full insight.

All personal data is used in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and our investigations are lawfully undertaken in compliance with current legislation.

Need to find someone? We are confident Herald Services can help

  • Herald Services can trace a Defendant prior to issuing legal papers or court documents. This can be incorporated with our Process Serving instructions.
  • Herald Services trace Debtors and our report will help the client make an informed decision as to whether it is worth making the effort to pursue the debtor.
  • Herald Services can trace a missing Tenant.
    We are increasingly providing our services to Landlords and their solicitors who want Herald Services to trace Tenants who left owing Landlords rent arrears or who damaged a property.
  • Herald Services can assist in tracing persons who have provided false information and contact details.
  • Herald Services trace Witnesses to Crimes and Accidents.
  • Herald Services trace Company Owners who owe you money.
  • Herald Services trace Rogue Traders.
  • Herald Services trace lost Relatives.
  • We welcome instructions where other Trace Companies have provided a negative result.